Saturday, 3 September 2016

The News is Out...

We have applied for planning permission to gild the scroll that is in William Wilberforce’s right hand where he stands atop the monument. The scroll represents the Act of Parliament abolishing slavery in the British colonies. We hope that by picking it out in gold leaf, this important document will be better seen from below especially when lit.

Consultation has also taken place with Hull College, on whose land the monument stands as we need approval for the necessary access to perform the work.

We continue to work with the Public Realm and City of Culture team together with the well-known lighting artist Nayan Kulkarni to realise the permanent illumination of the monument. The monument, when lit, will be able to be seen by the public from Queens Gardens in the hours of darkness - currently it is not visible at night to anyone standing in the central or western areas of the Gardens.

The story has been covered in Hull Daily Mail (25th August) and Yorkshire Post (30th August) (see images below).

'Golden Highlight for Culture City's Statue' in the Yorkshire Post (click to enlarge):

'Golden Revamp for Statue in Time for 2017' in the Hull Daily Mail (click to enlarge):