Sunday, 15 March 2015

Week Events Update - 15th March 2015

It has been a busy week for the William Wilberforce Monument Fund, so here are a few updates to keep you in the loop. Firstly, we had the second annual quiz on Friday (13th March) and would like to share the following note:

Secondly, Gifty has been featured on local photographic portrait website 'The Changing Face of Hull'. The website explores ideas of self, city and shared identity across the city. You can read Gifty's profile which discusses the Wilberforce Fund by visiting the Changing Face website.

And finally, last week we enjoyed a welcome meeting for runners who are interested in running the Hull Marathon on behalf of the William Wilberforce Monument Fund. The event was hosted at Kardomah 94 in Hull, and it was great to hear the enthusiasm from all attendees (image below).

Thank you for your continued support. Take a look at the About Slavery tab for more information about slavery through the ages up to the present day, and see the Donate tab for information on how you can contribute to the fund.