Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Proposed plans for Hull city centre

The William Wilberforce Monument Fund’s original endeavour was to light the monument in its current location on Wilberforce Drive, however the Fund is pleased to support Hull City Council in their efforts to regenerate the city.

If as part of this regeneration the Wilberforce Monument is relocated close to its original site and is also lit, then one of our aims will be achieved.  The relocation of the monument to a more prominent site will bring a greater visibility and interest that will lend itself to an understanding of the historic endeavours of Wilberforce and the other abolitionists.

We are in an age where the Wilberforce legacy is as relevant today as it was when slavery was first raised into the spotlight over two centuries ago. The move will serve as a reminder of the issues of modern day slavery especially in light of the current debate around the new bill.

Please support us by purchasing our book about the history of the monument, Homage to the Emancipator.

Image donated by Ian Parkinson of his Uncle Harry out on top of the Wilberforce monument, as it was being moved from its original site.