Monday, 17 February 2014

Campaign update - 17th February

As well as relighting the monument, this campaign has taken an increasing focus on issues of slavery not just in the past, but sadly in the present as well. Figures from the International Labour Organisation estimate that over 20 million people remain in slavery today and such shocking figures show that slavery is not just an event of yesteryear but is a very current problem for many people today.

We continue to focus on relighting the monument, but there remains an emphasis on the surrounding issues of slavery and equality.

Wider Discussions

This week we have continued discussions with other like-minded groups in order to work together and increase the prominence of our campaign. We have engaged with members of the And Albert Foundation who are working with Transformational Logistics to help communities by turning historic slave-trade routes into modern day ethical trade corridors.

We have also shared ideas with Hull Identity and are working with the Hull Freedom Centre. As a collective we believe that their philosophies are linked to our campaign in theme. We're hoping to work together with such initiatives to hopefully give us all a 'louder voice'.

The Monument

In our attempt to understand the options available to us in terms of finding the most effective and appropriate way of lighting the monument, we have had conversations with Hull BID who were instrumental in lighting Holy Trinity Church. We've also spoken to officers from Hull City Council.

We will consult lighting specialists to gain a firm understanding of costs and likely future maintenance in achieving the most effective lighting option. The monument is listed and the possibility of using sustainable methods will not be overlooked.


Two supporters of the Fund are planning to raise money through sponsorship by walking the Wilberforce Way this summer, a 57 mile, two day walk that starts at the Deep and ends at York Minster, passing many of the places associated with the life of William Wilberforce.
If you are interested in joining our two intrepid walkers and raising sponsorship for the Fund, please contact us by email. If 57 miles is too long for you, you can contact us for details on shorter walks.

Thank you for your continued support. You can donate here, like us on Facebook here, and follow us on Twitter here.

Image is from Elsom, Kenneth. F. Postcards of Hull (The Avenue Press, n.d.), p.43. “Queen’s Garden’s, Hull. C.1936. The former site of Queen’s dock. The in-filling of the dock took four years. The gardens were laid out at a cost of £200,000.”