Wednesday, 27 November 2013

An early update...

An update from the campaign in its early stages. We have been in touch with Hull City Council,  and they have informed us that the statue was cleaned and had some repair done in 2006. The millstone that the monument is built from tends to show up dirt and weathers very easily hence why is looks unclean even after only 7 years.

The statue should have lights to illuminate the plinth (bottom), the column and the statue at the top but these are broken. With your help, these can be reinstated and make the monument a beacon again; the ‘Nelson’s Column of the North’.

Much more than that, it will serve as a reminder that slavery has not been forgotten then or now. Please donate to the fund via PayPal on our donate page. We've had our first donations and we're hugely grateful for your support!

Below are some features on modern day slavery which may interest you: